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IP Strategy & Advisory

  • Your IP portfolio and your IP assets must be tightly aligned with your overall business model, business strategy, and business plans going forward. Only then IP assets truly work and increase your company value.

  • We develop overall IP strategies aligned between your core intrinsic IP assets and your core business strategy, and then further concentrate on those assets that are needed to enhance value of your business.

  • IP protections are expensive, hard to navigate, complex, and ever-changing. We help you to understand and see whether (a) IP protections are adequate, (b) money is well-spent and there is a return on such investment, (c) fiduciary duties to shareholders are understood, addressed, and followed by. After all, IP is the single largest asset of most technological companies, especially at earlier stages. 

  • We can act as a trusted advisor by your side, who knows your IP to details and can guide and help you in your decision-making related to your multiple business aspects as far as IP is impacted or impacts it. We provide one-time and ongoing advisory services to Board of Directors, CEOs, Technology Advisory Boards, and alike.

IP Global Portfolios


  • We arrange, structure, and facilitate International Transfers of IP assets,

  • We help in Across-the-Border Patenting of your PCT applications, navigate you through different, complicated, and changing rules of different national stages, help navigating you to the right advisors and making informed and economically well-grounded decisions.

  • We can help you building truly global IP portfolio, maintain, and develop it in time to follow your changing business needs.

IP Discovery & Development


  • We scan the entire organization’s team: business leaders, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and sales, for valuable intellectual property assets previously overlooked or underappreciated, such as possible inventions, potential trademarks or trade dresses, business methods and processes, know-how and trade secrets.

  • We then analyze the assets that are identified and captured - this creates the “IP Scan”, or “IP Catalogue” of the IP in your organization. Then, we determine and recommend which ones would require further identification, development, and protection.

  • Different efforts are required to make sure you are not infringing on others (freedom to operate) but also to make sure no one is infringing on your patents (patent infringement watch).

  • Should you come across FTO or infringement matters, you would want to either (a) get ready and address your options internally (re-design to avoid or proactively prevent and improve), (b) license-in or license-out, depending on the situation, and (c) litigate, offensively or defensively – we can advise you on these matters.

IP Sales & Licensing


  • In many cases, you would want to know the value of your IP. After all, this is the least understood asset when it comes to valuations and to determining true value of it. 

  • If you need to hit the road with another investment round, if you need to land a good private placement, or if you need to convince a lender that you actually have a dollar value on your intangibles, like patents, - in all these cases you need to know the value of your IP portfolio.

  • If you plan to license out your IP, or cross-license, or even incrementally license-in to enhance your standing – in all those cases you need to know the value of your IP

  • If you plan to sell some IP, or to buy some IP – you need to know its value too.

  • In all these cases you need third party valuations. We can help and assist in finding the right valuators and in conveying to then the true value of your IP assets in the language that they can understand and appreciate. 

IP Protection & Maintenance


  • IP protection is a legal tool that needs to be implemented to protect business, increase total enterprise value, facilitate development and sales, protect your markets and margins. IP protection costs significant capital, both financial as well as human and organizational resources, and needs to be done with clear understanding of all implications that it carries with it. 

  • Some assets require external protection, such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights – we help identifying these, to be aligned with long-term business plans and development plans of the organization.

  • Some assets require internal protection, such as know-how and trade secrets, but also customer data, business methods, important sales’ methods, sensitive statistics (warranty, recalls, returns, etc.)

  • Some assets require publications instead, to protect against competitor’s attempts of blocking your business.

  • We can help with the above protections, internal and external, and manage the overlaps and interactions between different classes of protection.

  • Proper ongoing maintenance is required for most protections above: additional periodic scans and incremental filings or publications, but also paying and budgeting for routine maintenance, filing, and issuance fees in multiple jurisdictions. 

IP Value Creation


  • When you have your core IP understood and captured, your IP strategy built and aligned with your core business model – only then you can see if there are bits and pieces in your IP armor that are missing. At that time, you can proactively go about building or acquiring these missing bits. Alternatively, you could see that some of your IP assets are not quite exactly needed going forward.

  • At that juncture, you can direct your organizational efforts to develop missing things in-house, and to protect thereafter, which will increase value of your IP and your business and improve your IP risk mitigation.

  • Alternatively, you can license-in the things that are missing and incorporate these into your ongoing business.

  • Lastly, if you see some things not working or needed for you, it is only prudent to try and license these out or sell outright, to make your assets work hard and bring financial returns to you. Every IP asset has a shelf life; the sooner you address its disposition, the better off your business will be. 

  • Bottom line – we can proactively build up the value of your business by managing the above matters. 



Our company concentrates its practice primarily on the creation and execution of comprehensive global intellectual property strategies. We focus on patent, trademark, and trade secret protection, IP licensing and sales, Board and Management advisory work.

Galaton has assisted numerous clients in developing successful IP strategies and supporting their patent portfolios. We have worked with companies, including global Fortune 100 companies, mature and growing businesses, and startups, in a wide range of technologies such as communications, software, electronics, automotive, electric motors, propulsion, combustion, chemistry, controls, processes and technologies, optics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, neural networks, plant operations and maintenance, drones and copters, business methods and processes. 

Galaton has a broad range of experience in technology licensing, structuring domestic and international technology transactions, international technology transfers, and focuses its primary attention on increasing value of IP assets for investors and shareholders.



WaveCrest Labs (US)
– a company in advanced electric transportation and electric propulsion business
Ener-Core, Inc. (US)
– a renewable energy company
ARDN Ltd. (UK)
– the company in unmanned vertical-take-off-and-landing aerial vehicles

Developed intellectual property strategy and created large global portfolio (100+ patents), which was successfully sold to a large international OEM automotive company.

Created robust intellectual property strategy and developed 100+ patents’ global portfolio; the entire portfolio was exclusively licensed out to a global Fortune 50 company.

Provided IP discovery and developed global patenting and IP protection strategy, as well as filings of 30+ patents.



Boris Maslov, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Newport Beach, CA 92660​

Tel:  +1 (949) 424-5000


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